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  • Sumo UK is a British company specialising in the design and manufacture of innovative machinery for a range of farming systems.
  • Designed and built by some of the country’s finest and most highly-skilled engineers, Sumo machines are made to last. Everything starts its life at the factory in Yorkshire, giving the Sumo team complete control over all they do.
  • RPFS has been a Sumo dealer since Sumo’s early days giving the brand a seat in the West of England.
  • Now much larger, Sumo are exporting many of their products to eastern Europe and New Zealand as well as designing and developing new and innovative machines to tackle a range of cultivation and drilling scenarios.
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  • Scanstone was established in 2005 by Gordon Skea and Terry Wood. Gordon has vast experience and knowledge of the agricultural industry having formerly been joint owner of both Reekie Manufacturing and of Campmuir Ltd.
  • With the concept of developing a robust and durable range of soil preparation equipment, we launched the ScanStone product portfolio
  • Following the addition of the powerful Pioneer and Tiger Bedtillers, which have benefitted from a full 3 years of research and development, Scanstone now offer a comprehensive range of tried and tested soil preparation equipment to UK and international potato growers.
  • Scanstone has established a first class reputation for reliability in a vast variety of soil conditions both at home in the UK, and in countries throughout the world.
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  • Pichon are a renowned French company with more than 45 years of experience in the design, manufacture, and commercialization of agricultural machinery equipment; primarily slurry and manure handling systems.
  • Pichon maintains control over all manufacturing processes in order to guarantee the quality on which its reputation is based. Customer satisfaction is Pichon’s guiding principle, from the bespoke customer specification, through manufacturing to startup
  • Pichon has recently merged with the Samson group with makes the conglomerate the largest manufacturer of Slurry Tankers in Europe.
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AMIA are the exclusive distributors for a wide range of Agricultural, Plant & Equine machinery for the UK & Ireland.
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  • Valentini are an Italian manufacturer of heavy duty cultivations and forestry mulchers founded by the passionate and experienced Italian engineer, Antonio Valentini. 
  • In particular, RPFS have been very impressed by the stone burier and power harrow range that Valentini can offer. The three rotor system ensures maximum power output with minimum fuel usage while leaving a soil finish that is unrivaled by its competitors.
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  • Tubeline form part of AMIA’s Canadian offering with their range of Bale Boss Processors which provide consistent shredding of hay and straw bales with options for loader mount and trailed units, the Bale Boss line of processors has the right model for your application.
  • Tubeline also offers BaleFeeders that neatly unravel your bales for easy feeding applications.
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  • Enorossi are another Italian manufacturing company specialising in  grassland machinery such as mowers, tedders and rakes. Established in 1953, Enorossi have over 50 years of experience in the field and can boast impressive market penetration in  the USA, Canada, China , Brazil and now the UK.
  • RPFS have been taken by Enorossi’s Batrake which utilises an old fashioned V-rake design to offer a simpler, more versatile and cost effective solution to hay raking which allows the user to row up hay and grass with both arms or the user can turn straw by dropping just one arm.
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  • Alstrong are an Irish import to the UK through AMIA who specialise in grassland aeration and re-seeding through their Aerator and Auctus ranges,
  • The primary objective of their machinery is to maximise the uptake of oxygen in grassland soils which will increase N uptake, reduce reliance on artificial fertilisers, increase earthworm activity and improve serface drainage.
  • The Auctus also adds re-seeding to the list of advantages of Alstrong products in addition to one pass grass harrowing and prism rolling which rejuvenates grassland even further.
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  • Guttler are a German manufacturing company who are growing at a rapid rate in the UK primarily through their prism roller system which can be found on a vast range of machinery  including the John Deere 750A drill.
  • Additionally, the Guttler Supermaxx and Greenmaster have gained traction in the UK as a low disturbance spring tine stubble cultivator and grassland overseeder respectively.
  • RPFS run a Supermaxx over approximately 500ac per year to encourage chitting of weeds to then spray off later in the Autumn. The Supermaxx is noticeably superior to its competitors due to its variable depth settings and prism packer roller.  The  machines spring tines encourage faster working speeds and with our 6m machine, we are capable of covering up to 100ac in a day.
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  • Broughan are a trailer brand rapidly growing in popularity in the UK due to their excellent build quality, towing comfort and ability to manufacture each trailer to the bespoke specifications.
  • With this in mind, many farmers are opting now choosing Broughan over more established companies who despite mass production are very similar in price to Broughan. 
  • Broughan are able to supply a range of tipping trailers, bale trailers and flatbeds, livestock trailers in addition to a bespoke trailer manufacturer service.
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  • Spearhead are a Worcestershire based manufacturer of machinery for a variety of amenity and cereal based operations. 
  • Spearhead prides itself on excelling in the mowing and mulching sectors with an extensive product range which caters to farms and estates of all sizes.
  • Spearhead is also unique in its approach to design and manufacturing. All of Spearhead’s machines are designed, developed and manufactured in house. 
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