Potato History

RPFS has a long and proud history of growing potatoes, with the business being founded on the potato trade of the early 90s. Nowadays we grow and contract potatoes for a range of purposes and markets including green top chipping varieties, crispers, processing and prepacked traditional varieties among others. We also provide modern grading and storage facilities from our base at Town Farm

Accord and Maris Piper

For our packing customers we grow early varieties such as Accord and Maris Piper; our crisping potatoes are grown under contract for Tyrells who like the Lady Rosetta and Taurus varieties; our main crop potatoes are grown under contract for McCains and include Russett Burbank, Pentland Dell and Innovator. In addition, main crop varieties King Edwards and some others are all grown as high quality, high value supplies for the retail markets.

Frome Valley

Our own brand of potatoes; Frome Valley Potatoes is gaining popularity with many of our farm-saved potatoes being supplied to various local businesses and individuals who appreciate traceability and freshness in their products

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